Enrichment buckets

Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Jun 14, 2016, 01.00 AM IST Early this year, I presented "Lives of Streeties" - a study on street dogs that looks at the activity pattern of dogs. The study had some interesting take-aways. While the primary intent was to figure out how much physical exercise to free ranging dogs really … Continue reading Enrichment buckets


How to walk your dog

By Sindhoor Pangal, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Apr 4, 2016, 08.23 PM IST We all know that our dogs need to be walked. We also know from experience that a dog that's not trained to walk could end up pulling a lot on the leash. This habit can not only get difficult for pet parents to … Continue reading How to walk your dog

Making “outdoor” dogs happy

By Sindhoor Pangal, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Jan 25, 2016, 09.47 PM IST I sometimes get to work with "outdoor" dogs - dogs that are largely kept outside the house, entering the home just for very short durations or never at all. The behavioural problems these dogs exhibit include excessive barking, digging, obsessive behaviours, depression and … Continue reading Making “outdoor” dogs happy

Transitioning dogs indoors

By Sindhoor Pangal, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Nov 9, 2015, 09.28 PM IST One of the most frustrating problems new pet parents face is when their dog pees in an inappropriate place. Dogs are often punished for this behaviour. Pet parents often reach out to me asking for the dog to be toilet-trained. But more often … Continue reading Transitioning dogs indoors

Smelly Delights

Bangalore Mirror Bureau | May 4, 2015, 08.35 PM ISTDogs don't act on the world by handling objects or by eyeballing them, as people might, or by pointing and asking others to act on the object (as the timid might); instead, they bravely stride right up to a new, unknown object, stretch their magnificent snouts within millimeters … Continue reading Smelly Delights

What tying up does to dogs

Dec 30 2014 : Mirror (Bangalore)I often get asked by my clients if feel their dog is missing out a lot because they lack garden space. While a simple I answer is that a dog will indeed enjoy a garden, the less obvious fact is that garden space does not always mean good news to … Continue reading What tying up does to dogs

Choices during walks

Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Dec 22, 2014, 10.16 PM ISTIt's been a week since I returned from an International Dog Trainer Education in North Carolina. Since I've been back, the participants of the education have been exchanging their very first experiences of this new kind of training - Natural Training. Everyone seems to be in awe of … Continue reading Choices during walks