Good food for dogs

Ayurveda teaches us that the digestive system is the single most important determinant of health and well-being. This principle is very much true for dogs too. Provide the right kind of diet to a dog and you will see several of the behavioural issues and recurring health issues go away. So it is important to … Continue reading Good food for dogs


The good in yellow

By Sindhoor Pangal, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Jul 19, 2016, 10.27 PM IST I've been hearing a lot on about "turmeric latte" and the commentary that this is just "haldi doodh" that we've been having for ages. Here is another such term - "golden paste" - a western adaptation of an Indian blend of turmeric, coconut … Continue reading The good in yellow

Caring for your dog this summer

By Sindhoor Pangal, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Mar 7, 2016, 07.20 PM IST Climate change is real, they say. I have no intention of getting into that discussion here. But one thing's for sure - Bangalore is hot now and we are all struggling to cope with this unforgiving heat. I can feel my energy … Continue reading Caring for your dog this summer

How to choose the right vet

By Sindhoor Pangal, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Sep 21, 2015, 08.58 PM IST I just finished reading a book called Speaking for Spot by Dr Nancy Kay. Dr Kay is a veterinarian who writes this book for pet parents like you and me. In it she writes in her capacity as a pet parent as well … Continue reading How to choose the right vet

Let Sleeping dogs lie

Bangalore Mirror Bureau | May 6, 2014, 02.00 AM IST Have you ever asked yourself: Is my dog getting enough sleep? If you have not, you should. Just like how you need eight hours of sleep to be healthy, your dogs too need their full quota of sleep. A normal, healthy, adult dog needs up to 16 hours … Continue reading Let Sleeping dogs lie