What to look for when adopting?

By Sindhoor Pangal, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Apr 25, 2016, 08.58 PM IST Is adoption right for you? That's a question only you can really answer. Often people are not sure how to answer that question and eventually opt out of adoption. I'll try to give you some tools that you can use to help you … Continue reading What to look for when adopting?


Post adoption guide

Published: Bangalore Mirror Bureau | May 26th, 2015 Have you made up your mind to get home a dog? Well, then there is something you need to know about moves – dog’s find moves very stressful. Your home may be the most loving home in the world. But your new dog has no way of … Continue reading Post adoption guide

Kade – the Kannada Villain

Oct 14 2014 : Mirror (Bangalore)I recently had a gentleman called Sanjay contact me and thank me for bringing Kade into his life. I asked him I who Kade was and he said that Kade was his recently adopted Labrador. I was intrigued and wanted to know his story. Obviously, I started out by asking … Continue reading Kade – the Kannada Villain

Is it just a dog?

Been thinking about getting a dog? Think again! Before you get yourself a cute little fur ball or tie a ribbon around it’s neck and gift it to an unsuspecting friend, STOP! Think long and hard about it. Even if you grew up with dogs, this is still going to be different. Gone are the … Continue reading Is it just a dog?

Cher Khan goes home

Jul 29 2014 : Mirror (Bangalore)When I brought home Cher Khan, he was a puppy barely alive. He was the runt of the litter, picked on by other pups, a gaping wound bearing evidence to his lost battles with littermates and suffering from an acute gastric infection.My husband and I took turns to feed him … Continue reading Cher Khan goes home

Bozo comes home, finally

Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Jun 2, 2014, 10.54 PM IST Adopting a dog with a troubled past is not easy, especially if it's a big dog. Few people have gumption for it and Suman Bolar is one such person. She recently lost her dog Domino, which was survived by a lovely black labrador named Carbon. I was a … Continue reading Bozo comes home, finally

When Tigress became Tiggy

Publication: Bangalore Mirror;Date: May 13, 2014;Section: City;Page: 6This is a story of a little scared dog called Tigger and how she made it to our family. We already had one furry member — Nishi, a three-year-old boxer then. Adding a second dog to a family is not always a smooth ride. By the time we got … Continue reading When Tigress became Tiggy