Wolf Wars

Wolf Wars is a book by Hank Fischer that chronicles the journey of the wolf in North America, into extinction and back. Fischer provides front row seats as this whole drama unfolds, owing to his close involvement with the cause. Fischer worked as a professional conservationist longer than anyone else in the Northern Rockies. He was … Continue reading Wolf Wars


Lives of Streeties

"Lives of Streeties" is a study of the street dogs in Bangalore, India conducted by me. Here I present a snapshot of the results of the study. The study is ongoing and will be updated regularly with new data. The term "streeties" is Bangaloreans fondly use to refer to street dogs. Basic Premise The study is … Continue reading Lives of Streeties

Merle’s Door: Lessons from a free thinking Dog

Just finished reading Merle's door. I can see why it became a best seller. Ted Kerasote is a wonderful story teller and can put a great voice to a dog. It's almost like he is in the dog's mind, as he puts subtext to his interactions with dogs. For a dog lover, it brings a … Continue reading Merle’s Door: Lessons from a free thinking Dog

Happy Birthday Turid

Turid's zest for life is contageousAugust 15th, apart from being the Indian Independence day, is special to me for another reason. It's also Turid's birthday. Her grit, determination, energy and intelligence have been a huge inspiration to me. Having trained more than 60,000 dogs in her life and taught in more than 25 countries across … Continue reading Happy Birthday Turid