Letting that love in

By Sindhoor Pangal, Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Jan 5, 2015, 10.56 PM IST

Happy New Year to all my readers. This year, I wish that each of you experiences love in its purest form. Each person will find that love from as unique a source as the person himself or herself. For us, it has been our dogs. The beauty of love is that our heart knows how to accept love in any means given to us. Is it not fascinating?

Dogs don’t speak English or Hindi or Kannada or French. Yet they seem to tell us easily that they love us. For the skeptics, I offer a simple test. Let’s start with a small test. Take a dog showered with love, change his diet to a veg diet. Dumpsters are now better sources of protein for a dog. The food you offer is lower grade. Now, will your dog, that you love so much, choose to live with you or turn into a street dog. The answer always is YOU! So if you are a skeptic, just get this into your head already…dogs do experience love and that unjudging, unconditional love is all in your name and your name alone.
See what it feels like to be loved like that. But to do that, you have to first accept your dog as an equal citizen of the world. As important as you are in the grand scheme of things. A dog’s emotional contribution to you should in no way feel less validating than the emotional contribution of a person. Love is love, remember!
Now when you have let go of the skepticism and the prejudice of gradation of love, there appears a fascinating love in all its slobbery glory, tail furiously wagging, fur flying all over the room. A being whose highlight of his entire day, regardless of his basic needs, is that you have come home. No matter how bad a day is, no matter how bad you messed your day at home and work, irrespective of how low you feel about yourself, you know there is one strong-willed animal/person saying “Nothing but love matters. That’s why I love you.

That’s why you will love me. And that’s why it works”. After this profound thought, you wonder who is the animal and who is the person.
You walk in that door and there is that profound message delivered with a punch. Could you ask for more. This message is literally being beaten into you each day. So how are you a skeptic?
So shall we look at this more scientifically. Broad strokes, of course. Wolves chose to walk away from us. Some wolves stayed behind and decided to build on their PR skills with humans. This group called itself the “Cool Dawgz” (joking. They just called it dogs). Then they became better and better at building and managing relationships with us. And thus here they are. Dogs have years and years of experience in making us feel great about ourselves from one of the finest universities – University of Evolution. And their thousands of years of training has taught them that the best ways to set up a great relationship with us is to fall madly, deeply and truly in love with us. So they kept that part of the brain and experience love just the way we do. That’s what dogs do best – fall in love with people.
So Mr Skeptic, believe it or know, the next time you feel no one likes you, you are factually wrong, if you have a dog. But for this time of the year, I wish for you Mr Skeptic and to everyone else around there, a year full of healthy loved ones to lean on and forge forward.

And for those who chose to add dogs to their family, I assure you they have been shaped by thousands, if not tens of thousands, of years to be masters of giving us love and reassurance. Enrich your own lives by letting that love in.


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