Tick and Flea Solutions

As the rains roll in, they bring with them a nasty case of tick and flea problems with them. As of today there are limited products in the market that help us rid our dogs of these insects. But here is where the problem arises. Do we really know what is them and what they might be doing to our dogs. Let’s take a closer look shall we. Mind you, this next section is a copy of one of my earlier blogs on Thyroid Diseases in dogs. If you have read that one skip to the recipe at the end.

All of this is from “The Canine Thyroid Epidemic” by Dr. Jean Dodds. If you want, you can deep dive into the book. But the book can get a bit technical at times. So this is for those of you would rather like a gist.

Tick & flea products are one of the sources of toxins we expose our dogs to on a regular basis. These can contain chemicals like Organophosphates, Carbamates & Pyrethrins
Organophospates(OPs) are neurotoxins that kill insects by interfering with transmission of nerve signals in their brains and nervous systems.  According to a recent report by NRDC, “In overdoses, OPs can also kill people and pets. But even with normal use of the products containing OPs, pets and children are in danger”. 
Carbamates are closely related to OPs and are also toxic to the brain and nervous system.  Carbaryl & propoxur are two common carbamates used in tick & flea control products.
Pyrethrins are extracted from certain types of chrysanthemums.  Spot on treatments tend to contain these. According to Department of Health and Human Services Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry these chemicals can be toxic to insects and mammals.  The concentration of this chemical in many of the spot-on pet treatment products is stronger than in any products approved by the EPA or FDA for human and animal use.
Instead of these products, try using natural oils like neem, citronella, apple cider etc. Wash the dogs bed in hot water. Clean the house with lemon grass solution. These are far better for us and the dogs too.
So to end this section I leave you with a recipe for ticks and fleas.
  • Half a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Half bottle of water
  • A teaspoon of neem oil
  • A drop of shampoo

Mix it all together. Apply on the dog for a few consecutive days and you are good as gold. If this does not work, go for the full body neem oil massage for a few consecutive days. During these days ensure sheets are changed regularly. Dog bed is washed in hot water and carpets are cleaned and disinfected with some natural disinfectant like lemon grass extract.


5 thoughts on “Tick and Flea Solutions

  1. nshi. the biggest diff sems to be gettting neem oil. available with ease in south, but not here. the oil is great to treat mange too and the dogs dont lick themselves because of the bitter taste. also, neem is not poisonous so even if they lick by chance, its ok. can u sggest where to get neem oil easily


  2. sindoor, i live in indirapuram ghaziabad, which is seven kms from east delhi border. i know neem oil is easily abailable in the south but have tried in several places ove rthe years here and in delhi, to no avail


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