We like Dead Skunks and we cannot lie

Yeah! I know…we all want to think our dogs are posh dogs. We want to wash them in shampoos that smell of berries, put shiny collars on them and think that our dogs love the good things in life. Yes, they do love the good things in life. But their idea of good things and our idea of good things are perhaps a tad different.

All said and done, dogs adore half dead or fully dead rodent. Yeah…squeal all you want. But that’s what it is. So, it does not take much to figure out that a toy that looks and feels like a half dead rodent is going to be popular with them.

Check out those eyes!

One toy that I found that comes very close to this is Skineez. These are squeaky toys, have little beady eyes, are limpid like half dead rodents. There are a few others who make squeaky toys with this structure. But what I like about these specific toys is that they have no stuffing! Yep. They are stuffing free.

Tigger is my true hunter dog! She likes to not just have a kill but actually dismember the kill! So she goes after all her toys and pulls all the stuffing out. Not that she likes eating it, but she loves pulling everything out. In the process, I fear that she might accidentally eat some. So a toy that does not have stuffing that she could eat is always very attractive to me.

Note the “No Stuffing” sticker. I like that a lot

Nishi is my gentle girl. She picks up the toy in her mouth, prances around the home, shaking her head side to side, swinging the toy. Again something dogs love to do with half dead animals rodents – playing with them till they die. So the toy is fun for her to play by herself. In addition, it is a good toy to play fetch with. I have also seen the girls play tug with the toy quite frequently.

So a tug, fetch, engaging toy that the girls can use to play with us, play with each other and play by themselves and not destroy it in the process or harm themselves by ingesting stuffing – That’s why it’s my pick of the day today.

Skineez makes this toy in 2 sizes, shaped like a few different rodents – squirrel, raccoon, skunk or meercat or something like that. I don’t know. Not that I care much, neither do the girls. They have also introduced something called Crazy Critters. We have not used it. So this review does not apply to that toy yet.

Pros: No stuffing, squeaky, good fetch toy and tug toy, dead rodent like structure makes it very interesting for dogs to play with it by themselves.

Cons: Is a furry texture. So can get dirty and might be hard to clean. Not indestructible

Not sure if this is a pro or a con. You decide: It looks so much like a dead rodent that Uttam once saw it in the garden and jumped back thinking it was indeed a critter from our garden that had met an untimely death on our vegetable patch! 🙂

Where to buy: Dogspot, Paws (CALL:+91 80 41317297), Glenands Koramangala, Most leading pet stores

Note: All pictures are taken from Dogspot.in


2 thoughts on “We like Dead Skunks and we cannot lie

  1. After spending enough on stuff toys which would last only for days or mins at times I stumbled on stuffing less toys. These guys are the best.. they last for ever..it's best for kids who like to distroy every inch of their toy, Tigger and my Bruno. These typically come with replaceble squeakies, so once it's broken, replace and the fun begins all over again.. I do wash them once in awhile with hot water to take dirt off, never use detergent.


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